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Hello and welcome to the Town of Putney's municipal web site. Here you will find links to resources and documents the town has to offer. This website has many resources, but if you cannot find what you need or if you have a suggestion please drop us a line 802 387 5862 or email us at;
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Are you a Putney resident that is interested in Energy Conservation and would like to volunteer some of your time to serve on a Town Committee?  We would love to hear from you.


As an Ad Hoc committee, the current Putney Energy Committee (PEC) has completed several projects and have served the Town well over the last several years.  For a list of those projects please visit www.pec.putney.net.   The current PEC and the Selectboard recently met and agreed that it is the right time to establish a new official Town committee.


The Selectboard will be forming a five (5) to nine (9) member committee, with a scope of activities ranging from assessing energy conservation measures for the Town and making recommendations to educating the public on energy conservation.  This will be a newly formed official Town Committee whose first task will be to assess and if necessary, recommend changes to a Policy for the Energy Coordinator and Energy Committee that was adopted in March of 1977. 


If you are interested in serving please send a letter of interest, by January 7, 2015, to Cynthia Stoddard, Town Manager at (802) 387-5862 x11 or email at tm@putneyvt.org. 


Town of Putney, Vermont

Community Resilience Organization (CRO)

Team Members Wanted


The Town of Putney is looking for community members (3) interested in serving on a newly formed Community Resilience Organization team.  The CRO is a pilot project to create local resilience networks that bring together planning and conservation commission members, social service providers, emergency responders and other community leaders.  The project will include 5 pilot towns in the first year and Putney was fortunate to be asked to participate as a Pilot town.   The team will be asked to collaborate on shared projects that implement the municipal hazard mitigation plan and strengthen social connections.  Members will be required to attend a summit meeting to include a Friday afternoon and overnight stay into Saturday afternoon in late March/early April, commit to at least one committee gathering before the summit and one Town-wide day of CROing.   For more information on the Community Resilience Organization you can go to their website at www.community-resilience.org.


If you would like more detailed information please call Cynthia Stoddard, Putney Town Manager at (802) 387-5862 x11 to schedule an appointment.  There is also a video of the Selectboard meeting in which this topic was discussed on BCTV at http://brattleborotv.org/  Meeting date was October 8, 2014.


Team members will be appointed by the Selectboard and must commit to the requirements listed above. Team members will represent leadership from land conservation, planning, emergency responders, community leaders and social services.  If you have knowledge in any of these areas and are interested in becoming a team member please send a letter of interest by November 5, 2014 to Cynthia Stoddard, Putney Town Manager at tm@putneyvt.org or by mail:  PO Box 233, Putney, VT  05346





The Town of Putney is seeking 2 Conservation Commissioners:


The Conservation Commission is currently involved in many projects such as wildlife tracking, creating a trail guide to the Beatrice Aiken Conservation site and maintaining the Town’s conservation sites including: Sackett’s Brook Conservation site, Bare Hill Conservation Site, Wilson Wetlands, Beatrice Aiken Conservation Site and the triangle garden. They also are working with the Planning Commission on updating the Natural Resource, Transportation and Land Use sections of the Town Plan. The Commission generally meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m.  For further information regarding the Commission, please call Ann Kerrey, (802)387-5685



If you are interested in serving please contact Cynthia Stoddard, Putney Town Manager, (802)387-5862 ext. 11 or tm@putneyvt.org


Population: 2702
Registered Voters: 1634

Tax Year Begins: July 1st

2014 Tax Rates:

Non-residential Education         1.4590

Homestead Education               1.7283

Fourth Rate                              0.0099

Town Tax                                 0.597


Tax Due Dates:

August 22, 2014

November 21, 2014

February 20, 2015

Most recent reappraisal completed in 2014


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