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127 Main Street, P.O. Box 233, Putney, VT 05346
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Hello and welcome to the Town of Putney's municipal web site. Here you will find links to resources and documents the town has to offer. This website has many resources, but if you cannot find what you need or if you have a suggestion please drop us a line 802 387 5862 or email us at;
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Request for Proposals:  Hickory Ridge Road Bridge Project

Hickory Ridge Road Bridge Project:  Hydraulic Study

Hickory Ridge Road Bridge/ Culvert:  Description

Hickory Ridge Road Project:  Questions



VT-Alert is a new all-hazards emergency alerting and notification system, provided to all citizens for use by the Vermont Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. 

The web-based program allows for citizens to receive real-time emergency messages and instructions from local and state officials via a variety of mechanisms, including text message, e-mail, land-line telephone, and cellular phone.

Recently, the Town of Putney adopted VT-Alert as its primary means to provide mass notification and instruction to those who register for the service.

The Town of Putney will disseminate information and specific guidance, as warranted, regarding road closures, severe weather warnings and issues, hazardous conditions, and many other emergency circumstances. 

In order for this service to have the best possible impact, the Town of Putney and the Putney Fire Department strongly urge everyone to register for this crucial service. In order to register, visit www.vtalert.gov , and enter the “Sign up for VT Alerts” tab. 

If anyone would like more information, or would like assistance in establishing their account, please contact Town Manager Cynthia Stoddard, or Fire Chief Thomas Goddard. 



The Town of Putney seeks an Animal Control Officer to serve in an on-call capacity.  This is an appointed position.  There is a small stipend and mileage is reimbursed at the IRS rate. Training is offered periodically throughout the year and the appointed officer would be expected to attend.  

The Officer investigates complaints pertaining to domestic animals (i.e. dogs running at large, unregistered dogs, bites, barking and cruelty reports).  Required is the knowledge of local and state ordinances, skills in apprehension of animals without causing harm and the ability to interact thoughtfully and professionally with the public as an agent of the Town.  The officer will issue tickets for violations. 

This position requires a VT Driver’s License and availability to work during prescribed times. 

Please send a letter of interest to the Town Manager, Cynthia Stoddard, PO Box 233, Putney, VT  05346.  If you have any questions please call or stop by the Town Manager’s office, (802) 387-5862 x11.



Population: 2702
Registered Voters: 1634

Tax Year Begins: July 1st

2015 Tax Rates:

Non-residential Education         1.5413

Homestead Education               1.7889

Fourth Rate                              0.0096

Town Tax                                 0.631


Tax Due Dates:

August 21, 2015

November 20, 2015

February 19, 2016

Most recent reappraisal completed in 2014



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